Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Enjoying the beach
The seven month mark has come and gone and I've been a little slack with the updates again... oops!

We've been cruising along over the last few weeks - nothing new or out of the ordinary. Sproutling's still growing quickly. He has outgrown all his size "00" clothes and even the "0" ones are starting to be too short. They were supposed to last for another five months! He's going to be a tall one, that's for sure.

Sproutling has been munching on whatever food we're eating, including some interesting things like beef curry and fish (but no chips!). I haven't yet found anything that he hasn't enjoyed eating, but there's plenty of time for him to develop fussy tastes. He's a big fan of watermelon and mango, making a contented "mmm-mmmm" sound while devouring it.

Things started to heat up again, so to speak, over this weekend. The Sproutling had a fever and a bit of a snuffle on Saturday evening, but when we try to give him childrens' paracetamol he just projectile vomits it back up again. He went to sleep eventually but had a very restless night.  In the morning I went out and got some strawberry-flavoured Nurofen (ibuprofen) which went down much more easily, and the poor little munchkin was feeling better in no time.

I had been telling people he had a cold, since he was quite snuffly and sneezy. I didn't think to check his mouth until someone suggested that it could be a tooth coming through, as apparently that can often cause fevers and cold-like symptoms. Sure enough, one of his bottom front teeth is starting to make a break for it! No wonder the poor little mite has been so grumpy the last few days!

On The Move!
Besides being a little out-of-sorts with teething, Sprout has discovered how to propel himself around the floor. He has been getting up on his hands and knees for a couple of weeks now, rocking back and forth before flopping down again, but this last few days he's actually managed to inch-worm his way over to toys that were out of reach, and attempt to throw himself off the couch if he's sitting with someone. He'll also launch himself towards the TV remotes if he can see them - I guess those male habits start early, eh?

We're still enjoying our music lessons and now that the weather has warmed up we're going to start swimming lessons this week - something I'm really excited about since he loves splashing around in the bath. We also love going to our mothers' group meetings on Wednesdays and hanging out with the other mums and bubs!

There's only a couple of months left until I start work again now so I'm trying to enjoy this fun time as much as I can.

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