Friday, 20 May 2011

Progress: Two Months

The Sproutling has now dinged two months and is growing like... well, like a Sprout! Now he actually fits into the Sproutfit I got for him before he was born! Here's a little catch up on what we've been up to.

We have been getting some smiles for a few weeks now, but he doesn't quite smile on demand so there is precious little photo-evidence. No giggles just yet while awake, but he's certainly vocal and chats away to us.

He is getting much better at holding his head up straight and looking curiously around at everything.  In fact while awake he is so alert and inquisitive that we have a hard time with him wriggling around so much! He doesn't quite reach out for things but does watch them intently.

Just this week I've noticed a bit of a sleeping pattern starting - if we get up early enough he will have a morning and an afternoon nap, but I have to actually go put him in bed when he's tired. If he goes to sleep on me, I have to hold him all afternoon or he wakes up and gets upset. I've actually started to put him to sleep on his tummy at night.  I know, it's not recommended and it's supposedly not safe, but he sleeps so much better that way! Just last night we had a 5-hour stint which meant only two feeds during the night instead of three - I woke up before he did at 3am and had to check to make sure he was still breathing! Hopefully this is the start of a longer night's sleep.

Each day is full of wonder at this stage, as Sproutling discovers the world around him and responds to Mr Ang and I as we try to make him smile. I wish this precious time would never end, it's completely adorable!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Nursery Tale

Furnishing a nursery is one of the most fun but also the most complicated parts of preparing for a new arrival. Not only is there a bundle of furniture to be purchased, but also colour schemes, decorations and all sorts of other random things to be decided on.

Sprout's nursery started out as our spare room. We weren't able to start putting it together until quite late because my sister in law was staying with us during February, but by the time she left and we got rid of the bed we already had most things stashed away around the house and we could just set it all up.

We were a little bit concerned leaving it all until the last minute but Sprout didn't come until the week he was due so we had plenty of time in the end. We didn't need to paint the room or anything - we're not intending to stay in this house for long so we're keeping the room neutral.

We were super lucky in that our friends and relatives gave us or are lending us a lot of items that otherwise would have added up to a fortune. We even managed to have most things matching!

Sproutling is currently sleeping in our bedroom in a bassinet passed down in my family, so at the moment the nursery is only used for changing nappies and clothes, plus the occasion when I feed him in the rocking chair.

Just after Sproutling came home
The cot is often the most expensive item in the nursery, but we borrowed this one from my cousin and bought a new mattress for it. My cousin also gave us a load of linen for the cot as well as a pile of wraps and blankets which have come in handy!

Made by my Dad!  Isn't he clever? It is mainly storage for the meeelions of stuffed toys Sprout has been given, but the fuzzy toys are a target for one of my cats so I'm not sure how many he'll end up being able to play with!

Chest of drawers
Storage is the number one most important thing in the nursery. We bought some clothes before Sprout arrived, but that was nothing compared to the amount of clothes we were given as presents. I'm not exaggerating when I say that one of those small drawers at the top is dedicated to singlets and socks. Add to that blankets, wraps, linen, plus any cloth nappies and our chest of drawers is already full! This particular one was given to us by Mr Ang's parents who were moving house earlier in the year and didn't need it any more.

Current state of things
Rocking chair
While a rocking chair is not specifically required, a comfy chair is essential for feeding.  You're going to be spending a lot of time in this chair, it might as well be comfortable!

This beautiful rocking chair was an absolute score. My grandmother was visiting a friend of hers and happened to mention that I was looking for a rocking chair. Her friend was in the process of clearing out some furniture and had one that she could give me! It's perfect - just what I had in mind. Even though the "glider" chairs are more comfortable, I think the classic wooden rocking chairs look way better.  I bought the cushion and my Mum knitted the rug that is on the back of it.

Change table
A stand-alone change table is a luxury of space - I know a lot of people use ones that sit on top of the cot or a chest of drawers. Ours was one of the only items of furniture we actually purchased, and it's from Ikea. It has two shelves below the top which are great for storing changing paraphernalia. It's not quite visible in the pictures but it's also beech-looking and is against the windows on the right of the room.

Nappy bucket
With a lid that seals! We have two of these now - one for disposables and another for cloth ones when we use them.

Wall decorations 
This is a (hopefully) removable wall sticker set. There are loads of different types of these on Ebay and on shop sites, but I got the circus train one from Bella's Little Ones. Yes, I know it's not on straight!

It was good fun setting it all up, and I'm very pleased with the way it has turned out!