Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Zombie Cow Revelation

I apologise in advance for a whiny post today!

Yesterday was a bit of a turning point for me. For the last few weeks I've been desperately trying to catch up on broken sleep, feeling lethargic and basically crappy and sorry for myself, especially while feverish from the mastitis.

While the Sproutling is sleeping quite well at night most of the time, he does still wake up every 1.5 to three hours for a feed, which makes for a very long and broken night for me. Mr Ang, bless him, sleeps right through it all.

At the moment, there's a construction site across the road from us.  Its a large area taking up almost the entire block - it's a car sales yard that is being redeveloping into another car yard, from what we can tell. When they started demolishing the original buildings back before Christmas we thought, "Oh good, they should be all done with construction by the time the baby arrives." How wrong we were.

After flattening every building on the original car yard plus a block of flats and a couple of houses adjoining the site, they started digging. They didn't dig very deep, just enough to create mountains of dirt and rubble. Then they brought in some more mountains. Then they moved those mountains around from one part of the site to another, for three months.

Last week, we finally saw some progress. They brought in wooden poles - a LOT of wooden poles - and started driving them into the ground immediately across the road from our place.

Now, babies can sleep through just about anything, including two pile drivers, but mummies cannot. My already tired brain could feel every THUNK as if the machine were inside it.

Milking Time
It seems the Sproutling is having a bit of a growth spurt this week. Yesterday, his two-hourly feeding schedule went up to pretty much once an hour from about 4am, and I snatched micro-sleeps here and there during the morning feeling quite a lot like a cow being milked dry.

Eventually I gave up sleeping - I realised quite suddenly that this really wasn't going to get better very soon, and that if I didn't want to be stuck feeling like a Zombie Cow for the next few weeks then I might as well forget trying to play catch up amd just suck it up and get on with things. I felt so much better after deciding that!

Of course, as soon as I had come to that revelation and settled in at the computer to get on with things, the Sprout settled in for a three-hour nap.

Click here to hear the sound of my morning.

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