Sunday 2 September 2012


Okay, I realise it's been ages since I've posted here - I'm sorry about that. Sproutling is the grand old age of seventeen months now, and running around making mischief like a little whirlwind.

I just wanted to post a little snap shot of what Sprout's vocabulary is like at the moment, since he makes me laugh every day with his words for things. He's a real little parrot too, so we have to watch what we say around him now!

Anyway here's a bit of Sproutese. Many of these have only appeared over the last couple of weeks, but he's adding more every day! I'm trying to write them sort of phonetically, so pardon the spelling.


  • Bo-bo - Strawberries (your guess is as good as mine)
  • Nana - Banana
  • Tayto (sometimes ma-tay-to) - Potato
  • Dee-see - Kiwi
  • Ah-nee - Orange
  • Oh-tsee - Oats
  • Bee-bis - Weet-bix
  • Meeee - Meat (of any type - will sometimes say chicken but not often) 
  • Ben - Bacon
  • Seeees - Eggs
  • Cheee - cheese
  • yo - yoghurt
  • ma-no - tomato
  • bum-ba - cucumber
  • bickie - bickie (biscuit)
  • ma-ha-moo - mushroom


  • Minnie and Boo-ey - Minnie and Bluey, our cats
  • bunny - bunny
  • sssss - snake
  • woo-woo - dog
  • ka-ka - duck
  • neeil - snail
  • puckoh - octopus (not to be confused with pucka, jumper or bucka, butterfly)
  • bucka - butterfly (see above)
  • bish or bishy - fish
  • see-saw - seahorse (he has one in the bath)
  • di-cah - crocodile
  • can generally say a lot of animal sounds, but not many actual names.

Other things

  • Home (sometimes "go home")- home
  • da care - day care
  • Shoh - shops
  • Boo - book
  • puta - computer
  • *blows out of his mouth* - hot
  • pucka - jumper  (not to be confused with puckoh, octopus or bucka, butterfly)
  • shoooo - shoe (actually one of his first words)
  • caaar - car
  • pen - pen
  • paper or pepper - paper (refers to anything that isn't a book, eg junk mail, letters, daddy's study notes, etc)
  • beckul - buckle (in the car)
  • too-too! - train
  • boh-too - bottle (water bottle)
  • cookie - cooking
  • poo - spoon

No matter how many times I try to get him to say words properly (eg Me: "say kiwi, ki.. wi... " Him: "dee see!"), he persists with the Sproutese. Oh well :)

There are lots more, but these are all I can think of at the moment... I'll update as I think of more!

How you doin'?

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